Inspired from HolyHope Sabella 3. This version adds 8 bear skins and previous versions including a guide of replacing model and texture files. This is the one you’ve been waiting for!! It provides a variety of buttons for common spells in an easy-to-use, small, convinient package. Cast Lesser Healing Wave.

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It is always highly recommended you use the latest stable version unless you are a developer or you wish to help test the newer versions. It can report hp, mana, buffs, and debuffs of anyone or everyone in your raid. This add-on gives a mage options for announcing Polymorph spells and Decursing party and raid members. If you previously used PhotekUI v. Swinger watches when you attack, and provides a visual countdown to your next melee swing, autoshot or wand attack. Remember the old, powerful albeit loud sound effect for the Seals in World of Warcraft?

For socialable guilds, it’s interesting to know when your guild members level up! It allows you to combine characters into an expandable list.

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This updates it for the 1. Multiplayer map for 9 players It’s time to choose your side are you with Saruman or against him. Nauticus is able to track the precise location cartgoraphe boats and zeppelins at any moment in time.


A manual update is also available. LoadIT was designed to allow in-game management of your addons. Automatically positions the most relevant part of the loot window under your cursor.

Update History

At this time WowCardio can read hybrid logs wow4. All it does is to change the Quest Characters Per Second. The MobMap Addon is an ingame database browser. Annihilation Updated for WoW v1. This mod is a rewrite of SpellReagentCount which I am a huge fan of.

Makes your ClosetGnome aware of the various boss monsters in this dangerous world. Or are you tired of having to manually click the items you want from a corpse? Serenity is a mod to help your priest managing their buffs, and spells, reagents, cooldowns and durations.

Well, here it is, in all its glory. GMail Notification update v1.

wow cartographe 1.08

This versatile mod makes all the damage, heals, and other events as scrolling text above your fartographe head. This one will just tell you stuff those things will not. Note that only log parsed with wcr 1. This is the updated version of Gatherer. After going over a large selection of UI packages, I became fed up with all of the bloat, and all of the poorly managed UI designs that are out there.


Anyway it’s possible for anyone to add news auras datas through spells options. AtraVis Updated for WoW v1. Also creates Backups of your Addons and Setti. You can request a timer, which tracks the elapsed duration since the timer was started. Replaces the tracking icon on the minimap with an icon that has a popup menu that allows you to choose which tracking ability to activate.

wow cartographe 1.08

This is a browseable, searchable in-game item database, with the caveat that it starts out empty. Are you tired of deleting all the crap items from your inventory that you get from looting corpses?

The following are the UI addons that are included with this zip file.

wow cartographe 1.08

LazySumo Updated for WoW v1. This mod gives you 10 hotbars and buttons to play with. Updated for World of Warcraft v1. SuperTC gives you timers for when your Thunderclap, Demoshout and other skills will wear out on your target. Use a single keybind to: